Our in-house produced polyurethane sealing element is ideal for the testing of hydrostatic pressure of various steel pipes, including the casing pipe, oil pipe, and natural gas pipelines. It is also suitable for steel tubes, pipe fittings, weld leak detection, ultra-high-pressure valve seal, and many others.

Our PTFE seal has many excellent features, such as a high mechanical strength, a high hardness, as well as strong resistance to high pressure, and is solvent to both high and low temperatures.

The sealing ring is designed and developed by JK for the main drive of the multi-lip large tunnel boring machine. Its prominent features include a simple structure, reliable performance and long service life. JK is the first Chinese company to manufacture the tunnel boring machine seals in response to market demand.

Our in-house produced, high performance polyurethane valve seals feature a high performance to price ratio and superior quality. They can work normally under complicated geological conditions, including all kinds of oilfields, shale gas and other harsh conditions.

Mecanum wheels that are produced by JK are increasingly used in the manufacturing and repair of subways, high-speed rails, aircrafts, satellites and other areas. Other typical applications can be found in the assembly and carrying of spacecraft, logistics and warehousing systems. Every wheel has a load-bearing capacity of 5 tons. Adhesive failure will never occur after long-term use, so you can rest assured that our product is of reliable quality.

We can design and manufacture polyurethane and PTFE products in a variety of specifications based on customer requirements. We sincerely welcome global customers to visit us for further negotiation and information.

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